About Us


The Company

DevaTal Inc. (Formaly Devaron, Inc) was established in 1992 to exploit proprietary technologies for the production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies. The company utilizes colloidal gold and fluorescence detection techniques to develop rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases and other analytes.

DevaTal focuses its expertise and technology in the following areas:

» The development and marketing of superior recombinant proteins corresponding to HIV, HTLV, hepatitis, and other related proteins.

» The development and marketing of reagents for rapid and simple diagnostic tests.

» The development of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other immuno-reagents required for Research and Diagnostic purposes.
DevaTal uses both direct and indirect sales through strategic alliances in various market segments. The company has R&D contracts with key diagnostic corporations in both the USA and offshore. We provide the technology and know-how for the production of large-scale rapid detection tests for HIV, hepatitis, and other associated proteins. These relationships are based on OEM, royalties, and profit sharing agreements.

Key Personnel

Dr. Yair Devash,

Yair Devash received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He has over 30 years of academic and industrial experience in diagnostics, virology, R&D, clinical evaluation, FDA license submission, scale-up, and large-scale recombinant protein production. His work focused mainly on research and development of second-generation recombinant-based HIV and Hepatitis immuno detection and disease progression. Dr. Devash has experience in setting up biotechnology and pharmaceutical ventures, including contract negotiations, financial placements, strategic technical planning, patents, business, and marketing. His professional career includes Repligen Corporation, E.I. DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Devaron, Inc. (founder and CEO), Vasomedical, Inc. (Chairman), and Phytomedics, Inc (CEO). In 2003 Dr. Devash co-founded DevaTal, Inc. He is the author of patents and numerous publications.

Dr. Yair Talmi,

Yair Talmi received his Ph.D. from Cornell University, He has over 40 years of academic and industrial experience in analytical, spectroscopic and imaging instrumentation. Dr. Talmi worked at Oak Ridge National Lab and then served as the product development manager of the electro-optical division of Princeton Applied Research Corp. developing advanced multichannel detectors for spectroscopic applications. In 1981 Dr. Talmi founded and served as the President/CEO of Princeton Instruments Inc. (Princeton Instruments Inc. is now Roper Scientific). During his 15 years tenure Princeton Instruments had been acknowledged as the leader in the field of optical multichannel analyzers (OMA) and high-end digital cameras. The company focused on unique and demanding spectroscopic and imaging applications in the X-ray to IR region. Wide varieties of instruments, developed and manufactured by PI have been used in numerous applications in the fields of physics, biology, biophysics, astronomy and medicine among others. PI had also developed many cameras for special industrial and military applications as well as for the movie industry. In 2003 Dr. Talmi co-founded DevaTal, Inc. He is the author of numerous publications, invited papers, manuscripts, and patents.