DevaTal manufactures biological products

Welcome to DevaTal, Inc.

DevaTal manufactures biological products for basic research, clinical research, and clinical diagnostic markets.
Our biological reagents are used in life science research, for immunological detection of infectious diseases and other analytes.
We produce recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and other research reagents.

DevaTal focuses its expertise and technology to produce a wide range of Cytokines, Growth Factors,
Chemokines, Hormones, Enzymes, Viral Antigens, Monoclonal antibodies, and many other Recombinant Proteins. 
This includes the development and marketing of superior recombinant proteins corresponding
to HIV, HTLV, hepatitis, other viral proteins, and other immuno-reagents required for Research and Diagnostic purposes.

The company uses both direct and indirect sales through strategic alliances in various market segments.
DevaTal has R&D contracts with key Biopharmaceutical and diagnostic corporations in both the USA and offshore.
We provide the technology and know-how for the production of large-scale production of Recombinant Proteins.
These relationships are based on OEM, royalties, and profit sharing agreements.